Picture Of Fahrenheit 451 First Edition Cover

Picture Of Fahrenheit 451 First Edition Cover


The cover of Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1953. The copyright is believed to belong to the publisher or the cover artist.

The image is used to identify the book Fahrenheit 451, a subject of public interest.


Copyrighted Work - Fair Use (Commentary and Criticism, Small amount (Cover for the book Fahrenheit 451))

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Dystopian Fiction

In our modern environment, works of fiction that are focused on the futuristic visions of dark dystopias are common and widespread. These visions of futuristic worlds produced some of the most famous novels, movies, comics and music of our time. Here you can find out more about them.

Dystopia Definition

Dystopia represents artificially created world or society in which human population lives under the rule of the oppressive government, or is subjected to various other types of oppressions (class, religion, lack of individuality, privacy …).

Fahrenheit 451

This famous dystopian science fiction novel from 1953 (later on adapted into movie) described the life in the futuristic oppressive society that tightly controls the flow of communication between its citizens. Themes that are masterfully explored in this novel are freedom of speech, propaganda, censorship, and influence of television and mass media on our life.

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Tales set in the imaginary dystopian environment are usually focused on survival or exploration of the world that is built on the remains of some past war, disaster or revolution. Here you can find out more about basic building blocks of dystopias.