All About Dystopia

Although visions of utopian societies were meant to provide the perfect life for everyone, many philosophers and authors envisioned the situation in which those environments become hostile, with hostile secret governments, strict social lifestyle, strict class distinctions and technological advancements that warped our bodies and minds.

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Envisioned as an alternative to the utopia, dystopia represents a vision of a fictional society that is made imperfect and flawed by the influences of tyranny, terrorism, poverty, misery and advanced technologies. Here you can find out more about this interesting concept.

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Dystopia Definition

Dystopia represents artificially created world or society in which human population lives under the rule of the oppressive government, or is subjected to various other types of oppressions (class, religion, lack of individuality, privacy …).

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Dystopian Elements and Characteristics

Tales set in the imaginary dystopian environment are usually focused on survival or exploration of the world that is built on the remains of some past war, disaster or revolution. Here you can find out more about basic building blocks of dystopias.

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Dystopia Timeline

Evolution dystopian thoughts spans the period that lasted over 150 years. Here you can find the greatest moments in its long and varied history, from its initial inception to the latest dystopian examples in our literature and modern history.

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Blade Runner Philosophy

This deeply philosophical science fiction film has in last 30 years managed to capture the attention and imagination of worldwide audience. Using the theme of film noir and Greek drama, director of this movie masterfully explored the concepts of dehumanization, relationships between creator and creations, emotions, immortality, death and artificial life.

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