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Fiction that covers the theme of utopian civilizations became very popular during the latter years of 19th century. These articles will provide you with the information about most important utopian fiction works from its inception in the 15th century to the modern day movies and literature.

Utopian Movies List

Film genres that covered the themes of utopian and dystopian worlds became prominent in the early years of the 20th century. Their imaginative stories brought hope and warning to everyone who tried to envision the possible evolution of the modern human society. These are some of the most famous utopian movies..

Utopian Literature List

In the last 2000 years, many prominent philosophers and novelist shared their visions of perfect utopian societies to the world. From the original philosophical debates, to the successful mass-market science fiction novels, here you can find out most prominent works that covered the complicated and interesting theme of utopian future.

Utopian Novels List

16th century author Thomas More coined the word “utopia”, which started great wave of philosophical works what were focused on the themes of perfect societies. Here you can find out most important novels that covered that interesting theme.

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Utopian Literature

Literature that described the utopian societies spans from the early philosophical works of Plato and Thomas Moore to the 20th century worldwide hits of Aldous Huxley and Arthur C. Clarke. Here you can find out more in-depth look at some of these famous works.

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley’s vision of the future described the world that can be seen as either utopia or dystopia. Governed by the advanced technology, society that he described in this instrumental novel of 20th century was focused on the themes of individuality, family and class distinctions.

Looking Backward

This novel released in 1888, became one of the bestselling novels of its time and one of the most important works that described futuristic utopia that was based on economy. This bold vision crated by Edward Bellamy tried to organize its society without government control.

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