Picture Of Nineteen Eighty Four Book Cover

Picture Of Nineteen Eighty Four Book Cover


The first edition front cover for the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four written by English author George Orwell published in 1949 by Secker and Warburg (London).

The image is used to identify the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, a subject of public interest.


Public domain in the United States

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Envisioned as an alternative to the utopia, dystopia represents a vision of a fictional society that is made imperfect and flawed by the influences of tyranny, terrorism, poverty, misery and advanced technologies. Here you can find out more about this interesting concept.

Dystopia Definition

Dystopia represents artificially created world or society in which human population lives under the rule of the oppressive government, or is subjected to various other types of oppressions (class, religion, lack of individuality, privacy …).

Nineteen Eighty-Four

This famous novel by George Orwell describes the life in the futuristic and dystopian environment of modern London. Often regarded to be one of the most important classic novels ever written, this dark vision of the future focuses on the concepts of government surveillance, censorship, sexual repression and mind control.

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